Fall Cleanup - Circle Pines

Fall Cleanup in Circle Pines, MN

Are you in need of fall cleanup services in Circle Pines?

Winter in Minnesota often leaves yards a mess, but cleaning up before the first snow falls can help prepare your property. Unfortunately, raking up all those fallen leaves can take time that you just don’t have in your schedule. To make sure your property is ready for winter, hire a professional lawn care company for a fall cleanup of your residential or commercial property in Circle Pines!

High-Quality Fall Cleanup Services

Alex’s Lawn & Turf is a professional lawn care and outdoor maintenance company that can provide fall cleanups for homes and businesses in Circle Pines. Our lawn-tending crew can get your yard and gardens all neat and tidy before the ground freezes and gets blanketed with snow.

The following services are included in our fall cleanup:

  • All fallen leaves will be raked up, removed and composted.
  • Any fallen branches or lawn debris will be cleaned up.
  • Your trees and shrubs will be pruned as needed.
  • Fertilizer will be applied to your lawn to keep your grass alive throughout winter.
  • Any remaining weeds will be eliminated from your property.
  • Leaves and grass clippings can be mulched and spread on your lawn.

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    The Most Thorough Fall Cleanup in the Twin Cities

    Prepare your home or business for winter with a top-tier fall cleanup. Contact with Alex’s Lawn & Turf today for the best fall cleanup services in the Circle Pines area!

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