Residential Snow Management

Alex’s Lawn & Turf offers a full-service residential snow removal service. Not only do we plow the driveway to ensure vehicles can enter and exit with ease, we also shovel all sidewalks up to your front door and ice management services for icy conditions. Our number one goal at Alex’s is safety, both for our employees and our customers. We have experienced, year around staff, who know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Alex’s has state of the art equipment and we are available 24/7 throughout the entire winter season. With Alex’s Lawn & Turf, you can enjoy the winter and relaxing knowing your driveway and walks ways are taken care of by the best snow removal company in Minnesota!

Our Work


Snow Removal Services:

Plow Management:

When the snow is falling, our trucks are out getting our customers clear so they are able to enter and exit their driveway with ease. We have our red Alex’s Lawn & Turf trucks with plows cleaning your driveways. Some of the plows have a plastic cover on the blade, which helps prevent damage to paver driveways. We also have skid loaders efficiently plow driveways in our most common plow areas. We have two skid loaders in the North Oaks area every snow fall to quickly service the driveways and they allow for better snow stacking. Currently we have an additional skid loader in the Roseville area also. We are constantly watching the weather so we can anticipate the snow and have your driveway and walkways cleared out as soon as possible.

Weather Tracking:

Not only do we have all employees watching the local news and always being prepared for snow falls, we also have a weather team working in our office, watching the radar systems daily. We are able to prepare for snow events, whenever we see the slightest risk of snow. We have a pre-snow event team come in and prepare all the equipment even if there is just a chance of snow in the forecast. We do all we can to best predict the weather and we are always ready for whatever mother nature decides to send out way!

Shovel Management:

Not only do we clear the driveway, but we also snow blow or hand shovel your sidewalks and up to your front door. It is our goal to keep your pedestrian areas free of snow and ice to allow for safe walking conditions.

De-Icing Management:

Alex’s Lawn & Turf offers sand, salt/sand, salt and magnesium chloride to ensure driveways and sidewalks are free from ice at all times. We have our own sand, salt/sand, and salt trucks to efficiently apply bulk ice management products. We also apply magnesium chloride to walk ways and pedestrian areas. Alex’s Lawn & Turf believes that a full service is what you need and ice management is a vital part of ensuring winter safety.

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