Fall Cleanup - Hugo

Fall Cleanup in Hugo, MN

Are you looking for fall cleanup services in Hugo?

There’s a lot of fun to be had during fall in Minnesota, but cleaning up your yard probably isn’t your idea of a good time. Even just raking up all the leaves on your property can be an exhausting chore. Rather than wasting beautiful fall days on yard work, let Hugo’s most trusted lawn care company do all the hard work for you!

Dedicated Fall Cleanup Services

Alex’s Lawn & Turf is a lawn care and property maintenance company that can perform fall cleanups for residential and commercial properties in Hugo. Our professionals will leave your yard clean, green and leaf-free before winter comes along and buries it in snow.

Our fall cleanup crew can do the following for your property:

  • We’ll rake up all of those fallen leaves then haul them off for composting.
  • We’ll pick up any fallen branches and other debris for disposal.
  • We’ll prune your trees and shrubs to keep them from getting overgrown.
  • We’ll apply fertilizer to your lawn to sustain your grass during winter.
  • We’ll eliminate all weeds from your lawn and gardens.
  • Optionally, we can mulch dead leaves and grass clippings, then spread them over your yard.

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    The Twin Cities' Finest Fall Cleanup

    If you don’t clean up your yard by the end of fall, you’ll have a huge mess to deal with next spring. Connect with Alex’s Lawn & Turf today for the greatest fall cleanup services in the Hugo area!

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