Spring Cleanup - Circle Pines

Spring Cleanup in Circle Pines, MN

Do you need spring cleanup services in Circle Pines?

Minnesota winters can be brutal to your yard, leaving a total mess when spring comes at last. You probably don’t have time in your busy schedule to clean up all the dead leaves and debris left behind when the snow melts. So save yourself the hassle and bring in a professional lawn care company to perform a spring cleanup for your residential or commercial property in Circle Pines!

Top-Tier Spring Cleanup Services

Alex’s Lawn & Turf is a licensed lawn care and outdoor maintenance service that performs spring cleanups for both private residences and businesses in Circle Pines. Let our talented crew go to work on your lawn and gardens, and we guarantee they’ll look their best by the time the flowers are blooming.

Our spring cleanup includes the following services:

  • Our crew will remove all debris, including fallen branches and dead leaves, from your property.
  • Our experts can edge your garden beds to make them neat and tidy.
  • Our pros can prune back all of your trees and shrubs as needed.
  • Our team can seed dead patches of your lawn to help new grass grow.
  • Our specialists can fertilize your lawn to stimulate quick and healthy grass growth.
  • Our technicians can mow your lawn and aerate it.
  • Our landscapers can groom your property to make it as visually pleasing as possible.

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    The Greatest Spring Cleanup in the Twin Cities

    Cleaning up your commercial or residential property when spring begins will make it stand out as the nicest in the neighborhood. Get in contact with Alex’s Lawn & Turf today for the finest spring cleanup services in the Circle Pines area!

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