Lawn Care & Snow Removal In Arden Hills, MN

Quality Lawn Care Services

Keeping up with your lawn during the spring, summer and autumn months can be a demanding task and take an enormous amount of time. Whether you’re too busy to keep up with your home or business’s lawn or you’re unable to perform lawn maintenance yourself, we have you covered. At Alex’s Lawn & Turf, we love providing homeowners and businesses with the best lawn care services in the Arden Hills area.

Throughout our 25 years of lawn care experience, we have been driven by the desire to provide the best services possible. Our high-quality work can be evidenced by our incredible 98% retention rate.

For the Arden Hills community, we serve homes and businesses by standard lawn mowing and blowing services along with fertilization, irrigation, weed control, shrub and bush trimming, along with cleanup services during the fall and spring seasons.

Benefits of Regular Lawn Care in Arden Hills

When Alex’s Lawn & Turf performs regular lawn care services for your property in Arden Hills, you’ll see the benefits almost immediately. Our lawn specialists can perform all of the hard work you don’t have time for to keep your residential or commercial property looking amazing from the start of spring until the end of autumn.

The work of our lawn-tending crew will help your lawn in many ways, including the following:

  • Your lawn will be neatly mowed at an even length, giving your yard great curb appeal.
  • Your grass will be treated with fertilizer, helping it to grow dense and healthy as quickly as possible.
  • Weeds and pests that threaten your grass will be eliminated immediately, keeping them from overtaking your lawn.
  • Dead leaves, branches and other debris will be removed from your lawn in spring and fall so that they don’t limit the beauty of your yard.
  • Trees and shrubs will be pruned to keep them from overgrowing and becoming unsightly.

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    Trusted Snow Removal company

    We also specialize in snow removal services for homes and businesses during the winter months. Our high quality snow removal services consist of residential and commercial lot plowing, sidewalk shoveling and ice/salt treatments. In order to complete our snow removal jobs, we’re equipped with the best front-end loaders, skid loaders, pickup truck plows, and shovel crews to tackle the smaller areas.

    If you’re needing a top-notch lawn care maintenance or snow removal crew for your home or business, contact the outdoor maintenance professionals at Alex’s Lawn & Turf today!

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