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During the spring, summer and fall months, there’s no better activity for families than to spend time outside. While playing in the lawn might be a daily activity, taking care of your lawn might be a challenge. Whether you have little time to take care of your lawn, or you’re wanting a professionally manicured lawn, we can help.

At Alex’s Lawn and Turf, our experienced lawn care professionals will make sure your lawn looks great from springtime through the time when the first snowflake falls. For over 25 years our team has served the greater Grant area with high quality lawn mowing and blowing services along with services to ensure a healthy lawn. If you’re wanting more than the standard lawn care services, we also provide lawn fertilization, irrigation, weed control and shrub trimming services.

Snow Shoveling & Removal

Along with our reliable lawn care services, we also serve our clients in Grant during the winter months with our trusted snow removal and ice treatment services. We understand this task can be an extreme challenge due to the size of your driveway, sidewalk, or sheer busy schedule. To complete our snow removal service, we employ a fleet of front-end loaders, skid loaders, pickup truck plows, and shovel crews to clear away the snow from your home.

While we service residential areas in Grant, we also are proud to offer commercial lawn care and snow removal services. Whether you need a parking lot cleared of snow, sidewalks needing ice treatment, lawns needing mowed, or any other service, Alex’s Lawn and Turf will get the job done. 

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