Lawn Care & Snow Removal In Shoreview, MN

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There’s nothing quite like enjoying the beautiful outdoors after enduring another cold winter. Gathering with your friends and family in your front or backyard and playing yard games creates memories that will last a lifetime. However, how do you maintain your lawn to keep it inviting and looking nice through the spring, summer and fall seasons? We know families have busy schedules and some may not have the capacity to properly maintain their lawns, so that’s where we love to assist families. Here at Alex’s Lawn & Turf, our lawn care professionals love serving Shoreview’s residents with the highest quality lawn care services.

Whether you’re needing the typical lawn mowing and blowing services or extended services such as lawn fertilization, weed control, irrigation management or shrub trimming, we can help. Our crew of knowledgeable law care professionals will make sure your lawn is lush and beautiful throughout the entire outdoor season as well as ensure it grows back after the cold winter.

Home Snow Removal

In addition to our lawn care services, our team also provides snow removal services for the greater Shoreview community. Whether your home is needing assistance with clearing your driveway or sidewalk of snow, our snow removal team will complete an extraordinary service.

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    Commercial Lawn & Snow Services

    Not only does Alex’s Lawn & Turf serve residential communities in the Shoreview area, but we also service area businesses as well. Along with a capable crew, we also have a reliable fleet of shovelers, truck plows, skid loaders, front-end loaders and an ice treatment crew to clear your sidewalks, parking lots, entrances and everywhere else around your company.

    For your company’s lawn care, we offer robust services to keep your grass looking fresh and welcoming for all of your patrons. Whether you have a large green space needing heavy duty riding lawn mower or a small amount of grass which requires just a push mower, our law care professionals will keep your area green and lush while also taking care of your irrigation, fertilization and shrub trimming needs.

    If you’re in need of lawn care or snow removal services for your home or business in the Shoreview area, contact Alex’s Lawn & Turf today! Our outdoor maintenance crew is ready to make your property safe, beautiful and welcoming to your friends and patrons.

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