Lawn Care & Snow Removal Service In Stillwater, MN

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While living in Stillwater provides you the ability to experience all four seasons of the year to their fullest, this also means that you will have to deal with the effects of prolonged hot weather and snow-filled weeks. 

When it comes to your lawn, the pros at Alex’s Lawn & Turf know just how hot weather and sun affects your green grass. Without proper lawn maintenance, your grass could soon turn into a crispy brown area that doesn’t help your curb appeal. If you don’t have the proper equipment or knowledge to take care of your lawn care, but you’d like for your lawn to be green and lush, you’ve come to the right place. 

For almost 30 years, our lawn care professionals have provided high quality lawn care and maintenance services to Stillwater area homes. Whether you’re looking to have a simple lawn mowing and blowing service completed or a full service lawn maintenance service for your property, our lawn care team has the skills and equipment necessary to grow a wonderful looking lawn. While we provide the basic lawn care services, we can also provide you with services such as lawn fertilization, shrub pruning, turf maintenance and enhancements and weed control services.

Stillwater Snow Removal

During the colder months of the year, we also realize that many individuals need effective and fast-responding snow removal services. To fulfill this need, we also employ high quality snow removal and ice treatment specialists to make sure you’re able to enter and leave your home in Stillwater without getting stuck in the snow or slipping on the ice. Our team is equipped with pickup truck plows, front-end loaders, skid-steers as well as a shoveling crew to take care of hard-to-reach areas.

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    Commercial Snow Removal & Lawn Care

    While our team serves residential areas with these services, we are also proficient in addressing commercial snow removal and lawn care services.

    With many area companies having many acres of lawn to maintain, this can be a large task for someone in-house to complete. Instead, leaving this service to a professional commercial lawn care company can ensure that you will end up having a well groomed lawn as well as healthy grass growth because of our expanded fertilization and irrigation services. With Alex’s Lawn & Turf, you can rest assured that your lawn will be lush, green and properly maintained.

    Along with our commercial lawn care services, we also offer high quality commercial snow removal and ice treatment services. After many years of business in Minnesota, we’ve learned that we should never be surprised when a large snowfall occurs. However, when this happens, many business owners worry about their snow removal situation. To lessen their worries, our snow removal and ice treatment team will quickly respond in order to create a safe parking lot and sidewalk area to make sure their employees and clients are safe when arriving and leaving the property. As with our residential services, our commercial snow removal and ice treatment crew comes equipped with front-end loaders, skid-steers, pick up truck plows and a shoveling crew.

    Whatever type of outdoor maintenance service you’re needing for your home or business in Stillwater, the team at Alex’s Lawn & Turf will provide you with just what you need. Contact our lawn care and snow removal professionals today for more information about how we can help your home or business.

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