Blaine Fertilization & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Blaine, MN

Seeing a verdant lawn that’s free of weeds will make visitors to your property feel welcome. Seeing a brown lawn choked by weeds might just turn them away.

Alex’s Lawn & Turf has been working hard for almost thirty years to satisfy our Blaine customers with exemplary lawn care. During four visits in spring and summer, our lawn care experts will keep your grass lively and your weeds dead.

How Alex's Keeps Your Lawn Gorgeous

Alex’s Lawn & Turf will visit your yard in Blaine for the first time near the start of spring. Our lawn-tending specialists will apply a granular fertilizer that helps your grass grow back swiftly as soon as the ground has thawed. We’ll also make use of a pre-emergent weed killer to eliminate crabgrass before it sprouts, and deal with any broadleaf weeds that have popped up.

Alex’s team will return later in spring to get rid of creeping charlie and dandelions using a liquid herbicide. Doing so will bring out the color in your grass and allow it to flourish.

During our first summer visit, our experienced staff will employ more fertilizer to help your grass root deeply and survive as your lawn is scorched by hot summer days. If we find weeds, pests or diseases menacing your lawn, we’ll do away with them.

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    In our final visit in late summer, our specialists will use a mix of fertilizer and weed control to stimulate root growth which will brace your lawn for winter.

    Alex's Lawn & Turf Roots Out Weeds

    Don’t spend all summer ashamed of a lawn that’s half-dead and ravaged by dandelions. For trustworthy, customer-first service that keeps your lawn green and gorgeous, call in the lawn care pros from Alex’s Lawn & Turf. In just four visits, we’ll ensure that your lawn is the healthiest in your neighborhood.

    Call Alex’s Lawn & Turf today for the premier fertilization and weed control service in the Blaine area!

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