Circle Pines Fertilization & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Circle Pines, MN

There’s nothing more inviting than a fresh, green lawn to welcome visitors to your home or business in Circle Pines. Unfortunately, a poorly kept lawn, particularly one overgrown with weeds, might just turn would-be guests away. Luckily for you, Alex’s Lawn & Turf has been working hard to keep lawns in the northern Twin Cities metro looking full and verdant since 1993. Our lawn care professionals are happy to serve both residential and commercial areas, and we employ a multi-step fertilization and weed control plan to make sure your grass stays happy and healthy throughout the year.

Alex's Method For Quality Lawn Care

The first step in Alex’s lawn care schedule is a visit to your Circle Pines property early in spring, just after the ground thaws. Our certified experts will apply granular fertilizer to help your grass take root, and grow back strong and healthy. We add a pre-emergent crabgrass killer to the mix to make sure it doesn’t start choking out your grass, and we eliminate any broadleaf weeds we spot in your yard, too. Alex’s crew will return later in spring to use a liquid weed control substance that will wipe out all of the dandelions and creeping charlie infesting your lawn, allowing your grass to grow thick and green without unwanted competition. For our third visit in early summer, we’ll apply a fresh round of fertilizer to keep your lawn flourishing even as it endures one hot, sunny day after another. 

Our professionals will also rid your lawn of any noxious weeds or grass-destroyinga insects at this time. For our final application in late summer, we use both fertilizer and weed control to ensure your lawn stays glorious until the ground freezes.

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    Alex's Lawn & Turf Guarantees the Greenest Grass in the Neighborhood

    Don’t settle for a lawn that’s sun-scorched and crawling with creeping charlie. Alex’s Lawn & Turf will keep your lawn dense, colorful and weed-free from the spring thaw until the fall freeze. Our skilled and savvy crew will grow your grass so strong that not even the nastiest weeds and the hottest days can kill it.

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