Grant Fertilization & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Grant, MN

A well-kept, green lawn is the best way to invite guests into your Grant home or business. However, a dying lawn covered in weeds will make would-be visitors keep walking.

Since 1993, Alex’s Lawn & Turf has provided reliable lawn care services to the northern Twin Cities metro. Our lawn care specialists provide their expert services to both residential and commercial properties, sticking to our four-step fertilization and weed control strategy to keep your lawn verdant until the end of summer.

Alex's Tried and Tested Lawn Care Process

For the first step in Alex’s lawn care plan, we’ll visit your residence in Grant soon after the end of winter. Our certified specialists will use a granular fertilizer to assist your grass in growing back quickly and fully. We also use a pre-emergent crabgrass control to prevent it from competing with your grass, and we rid your property of all broadleaf weeds.

When our crew returns in late spring, we use a liquid weed killer to destroy all of the creeping charlie and dandelions scattered throughout your lawn so that your grass can grow thick and healthy.

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    For our next visit at the start of summer, Alex’s team will use more fertilizer to keep your lawn happy even as it’s baked by multiple days of direct sunlight. If we discover noxious weeds or destructive insects, we’ll eliminate them from your yard.

    During our final application at the end of summer, we combine weed control and fertilizer to make sure your lawn stays gorgeous until the air turns cold.

    Benefits of Regular Lawn Care in Grant

    You’ll get to enjoy the benefits of lawn care services from Alex’s Lawn & Turf right away. Our team of lawn care professionals will do everything it takes to make your residential or commercial property in Grant look its best throughout the year.

    Our lawn care crew can improve the appearance and the health of your lawn in the following ways:

    • We can mow and blow your grass on a regular basis to give your lawn top curb appeal.
    • We can fertilize your lawn to stimulate fast, green growth.
    • We can use pesticides and herbicides to destroy any harmful bugs and weeds in your lawn.
    • We can clear all debris, including fallen leaves and branches, out of your yard both in spring and in fall to keep your yard nice and neat.
    • We can prune your trees and shrubs so that they maintain a visually appealing shape and don’t get overgrown.

    Alex's Lawn & Turf Makes Sure the Grass is Always Greener on Your Side

    There’s no reason to let your lawn be browned by the sun and entangled with creeping charlie. Alex’s Lawn & Turf will keep your lawn thick, green and untouched by weeds from the start of spring until the onset of autumn. Our certified pros will make your grass so tough that weeds won’t even dream of messing with it.

    Contact Alex’s Lawn & Turf today for the greatest fertilization and weed control service in the Grant area!

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