Hugo Fertilization & Weed Control

Professional Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Service in Hugo

Are you searching for a safe and effective way to nourish your lawn while keeping weeds in check? If so, then look no further than Alex’s Lawn and Turf.

We are a trusted lawn care company dedicated to providing the very best lawn fertilization and weed control services in the Hugo area. With over 25 years in lawn care service, we understand how frustrating weeds can be and how lawns can benefit from just the right amount of nutrients.

That’s why we strive to excel in every aspect of our lawn fertilization and weed control services. We do this by using only quality techniques and products to improve the look and life of your lawn.

Here’s how we make it happen!

Lawn Weed Control for Your Hugo Property

Our weed control service is a great way to remove unsightly weeds from your lawn and keep them gone. It includes a monthly control program that’s custom fit to the type of weed you’re dealing with. Each phase is carried out by our lawn experts who are skilled in getting rid of common lawn weeds in the Hugo area. So, whether you are dealing with fields of dandelions or crabgrass, Alex’s Lawn and Turf will eradicate them.

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    Lawn fertilization for Your Hugo Property

    Lawn fertilization is a key part of our lawn care services that keeps your lawn nourished all year long. It consists of a four-round program that runs through late spring, early spring, early summer and late summer.

    A round involves single to multiple granular or liquid fertilizer applications, depending on which application is best for that time of the year. Our experts know exactly how much fertilizer to apply and use only the best tools for each application, giving your lawn the optimum nutrients it needs to thrive.

    Benefits of Regular Lawn Care in Hugo

    You can always rely on the lawn-tending pros at Alex’s Lawn & Turf to provide you with the very best lawn care services. Our hard-working lawn care crew will make sure your residential or commercial property in Hugo is in peak condition from the start of spring to the end of fall.

    We’ll make your lawn the greenest and cleanest in the neighborhood with these recurring services:

    • Mowing your lawn and blowing out cut grass to keep your lawn looking spectacular.
    • Applying fertilizer to your lawn so that your grass can grow green and dense quickly after the end of winter.
    • Treating your lawn for weeds and pests to keep them from wreaking havoc on your grass.
    • Cleaning up dead leaves and other debris from your lawn, with extensive spring clean-ups and fall clean-ups.
    • Pruning your trees and shrubs so that they continue to look great and don’t grow out of control.

    Keep your lawn healthy and green with Alex’s Lawn and Turf

    Whether you’re a home or a business owner, having an attractive and weed-free lawn simply makes your property more inviting. With Alex’s Lawn and Turf, you can rest assured you will receive a top-quality lawn fertilization and weed control service in Hugo. Contact us today!

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