Lake Elmo Fertilization & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Lake Elmo, MN

Your lawn is the first thing that will make an impression on visitors to your home or business in Lake Elmo. Whether that first impression is good or bad will depend on whether your lawn is green and clean or brown and full of weeds.

At Alex’s Lawn & Turf, we provide top-tier lawn care services to homes and businesses, using a series of visits throughout spring and summer to keep your lawn looking its best.

How Alex's Grows Your Lawn Strong

Our lawn care process begins early in spring, when Alex’s professionals visit your Lake Elmo house or business to stimulate the rapid regrowth of your grass using a granular fertilizer. We mix in a pre-emergent crabgrass killer, and we’ll also utilize weed control applications for anything that’s already sprouted.

When we return toward the end of spring, our certified specialists will use a liquid weed killer that disposes of creeping charlie and dandelions, as well as improving your lawn’s thickness and greenness.

During our third visit early in summer, we use another round of fertilizer to make sure your grass roots deeply and survives the blazing heat. If our crew discovers pests, diseases or weeds threatening your lawn, we’ll get rid of them right away.

For our final visit at the end of summer, Alex’s lawn care specialists will use more weed control and fertilizer to keep your grass green until the ground freezes.

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    Benefits of Regular Lawn Care in Lake Elmo

    Regular lawn care can work wonders on your lawn, and when you hire Alex’s Lawn & Turf, you’ll start to see the benefits quickly. With consistent, high-quality lawn-tending services, our team will ensure that your residential or commercial property in Lake Elmo looks great from the spring thaw to the fall freeze.

    The benefits provided by our lawn care services include the following:

    • Neat, well-trimmed, beautiful grass thanks to our lawn mowing services.
    • Grass that grows back quickly and fully as a result of our fertilization services.
    • Lawn that is free of pests and weeds, since we will eliminate them all with targeted applications.
    • No debris to tarnish the appearance of your lawn, thanks to our thorough spring and fall clean-ups.
    • Trees and shrubs that are well-shaped and provide major curb appeal, due to our pruning services.

    Alex's Lawn & Turf Makes Your Grass Looks Its Best

    Why have a lawn that’s dull, crispy and full of crabgrass? Hires the experts at Alex’s Lawn & Turf to keep your lawn flourishing right up until winter. Our talented crew will make sure that your beautiful lawn gives your property major curb appeal.

    Call up Alex’s Lawn & Turf today for outstanding fertilization and weed control services in the Lake Elmo area!

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