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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in Little Canada, MN

Do you need lawn fertilization and weed control services in Little Canada?

When you return home after a long day at work, you should be welcomed by a beautiful green lawn, not one that’s dying and full of ugly weeds. For the past thirty years, Alex’s Lawn & Turf has been helping customers in Little Canada to keep their lawns healthy and free of weeds. Our lawn care specialists will make four visits during spring and summer, during which we’ll use a mix of fertilizer and weed control to give you the greenest lawn possible.

Alex's Lawn Care Strategy

Alex Lawn & Turf will begin attending to your Little Canada property in spring. For our first visit, our lawn care professionals will stimulate the regrowth of your grass with a granular fertilizer and eliminate crabgrass before it has a chance to sprout using pre-emergent weed control applications. During our second visit in spring, our crew will use a liquid weed killer to eliminate dandelions and creeping charlie, which will allow your grass to grow thicker and greener.

In summer, Alex’s lawn-tending experts will use more granular fertilizer to help your grass endure even the harshest of July and August heat waves. We’ll also eliminate any noxious weeds or other threats to your lawn. For our last visit at the end of summer, we’ll apply both weed control and fertilizer to thicken and toughen up your lawn so that it will bounce back quickly next spring.

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    Alex's Lawn & Turf Keeps Your Grass Green and Glossy

    Don’t let weeds and hot sunlight trash your gorgeous lawn. With four visits, our lawn care masters can keep your yard healthy year-round. Call up Alex’s Lawn & Turf today for outstanding fertilization and weed control services in the Little Canada area!

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