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Enjoy the beauty of a healthy, luscious yard with Alex’s Lawn & Turf. We are the lawn care company of choice for Roseville residents looking to enhance their lawn and eliminate pesky lawn weeds. 

When you sign up for lawn fertilization and weed control, you can rest assured of a job performed flawlessly and with care. Our 4-round lawn fertilization program is tailored to your lawn’s needs and delivered during the spring and summer months. 

At every level, our experts will visit your property using only eco-conscious methods to enhance your lawn’s appearance and vitality – no matter its size.

Early Spring Roseville Lawn Care

With spring comes the opportunity to recover your lawn from the freezing temperatures of winter. During this time, we’ll take necessary steps to ensure your yard gets the right balance of granular fertilizers for a healthy green-up. To keep weeds at bay, we apply pre-emergent weed control treatments to your yard without harming your grass.

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    Late Spring Lawn Care

    Grasses are not the only plants that flourish during spring. Weeds like dandelions and crab grasses also take advantage of this season, taking root and competing with your grass for essential nutrients. To keep them at bay, we’ll apply post-emergent weed treatments while infusing fertilizers to improve your lawn’s density and color.

    Early Summer Lawn Care

    Along with all the fun in the sun, summer comes with prolonged spells of heat and drought that can adversely affect your lawn. To protect your yard, we’ll fertilize it with a granular blend while quickly eradicating weeds for a healthy, luscious year-round look.

    Late Summer Lawn Care

    As summer turns to fall, preserving your lawn’s vitality and visual appeal is vital for a healthy-luscious look during fall. Our late summer program ensures this aeration where we promote healthy new root growth by infusing nutrients to the root zone of your lawn. When complemented by post-emergent weed treatments, our late summer program ensures your lawn stays healthy and vibrant throughout fall.

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    Why spend time on the mundane task of lawn maintenance when you can work with a company that’s committed to giving you the healthiest, greenest lawn in Roseville? Contact the experts at Alex’s Lawn & Turf to learn more about our fertilization and weed control services in the Roseville, MN, area. 

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