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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control in St. Anthony, MN

Do you require lawn fertilization and weed control services in St. Anthony?

Lawn care is often the first thing to go when people find themselves juggling work and family commitments. If you’re like most homeowners in St. Anthony, your lawn will soon become a chore that you don’t have time for. The good news? Alex’s Lawn & Turf can make your grass the greenest in the neighborhood with four rounds of visits in spring and summer.

Alex's Lawn Care is the Best in the Business

Alex’s Lawn & Turf first shows up as soon as the ground thaws to treat your lawn with pre-emergent crabgrass control and granular fertilizer so that your grass can regrow quickly without being choked out by weeds. In late spring, our lawn technicians will return to your property to use weed killer on creeping charlie and dandelions before they proliferate out of control.

After summer begins, our team will help your grass grow deep roots using another round of fertilizer so that your lawn won’t wilt in the mid-summer heat. We’ll also rid your lawn of any remaining weeds and address any other threats to your grass. Finally, as fall draws near, we’ll give your lawn a last application of weed control and fertilizer to keep your grass growing until winter arrives.

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    Alex's Lawn & Turf Makes Your Lawn the Pride of the Neighborhood

    No one wants their yard to look like an unkempt mess full of weeds and scrubby grass. With our carefully scheduled fertilizer and weed control treatments, our team will make your lawn a verdant paradise. Get in touch with Alex’s Lawn & Turf today for unrivaled fertilization and weed control services in the St. Anthony area!

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