Stillwater Fertilization & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Service in Stillwater

Are you in need of effective lawn fertilization and weed control services for your home or commercial property? If yes, turn to the lawn care experts at Alex’s Lawn & Turf. 

We provide Stillwater residents with a 4-step lawn care package focused on keeping their lawns well-fertilized and weed-free. All our services are expertly performed by our crews, who are highly experienced in all aspects of lawn care. Together, we work to ensure your lawn receives the essential nutrients it needs for a lush, healthy look all year round.

4-Step Lawn Care Program

Early Spring

While lawn care really is a year-round activity, early spring provides an ideal time to get your lawn ready for a fresh start. To accomplish this, we apply granular fertilizers to nourish your lawn while using the safest products to control grassy weeds — crabgrass and broadleaf — before they appear on your lawn.

Late Spring

Late spring brings a surge of growth for damaging weeds like dandelions which is why we provide an effective weed control program to keep them in check. During this period, we also apply fertilizers to improve the color and density of your lawn.

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    Early Summer

    Our early summer program feeds your lawn with the essential micronutrients it needs for a beautiful, healthy look. During this time, our pest control experts will also eliminate any weed, pest, or disease problem, giving you a lawn that neighbors will envy during the hot, dry periods of summer.

    Late Summer

    The end of summer brings a bounty of lawn care activities to preserve the evergreen look of your lawn. During this time, we will aerate your entire yard to help improve growth pockets for new roots while keeping grassy weeds under control.

    Your Lawn Looks Its Best When It Is Healthy

    Give your lawn exactly what it needs to be healthy and weed-free with Alex’s Lawn & Turf. To learn more about our fertilization and weed control services in Stillwater, MN, give us a call today!

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