White Bear Lake Fertilization & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services

Just north of St. Paul, White Bear Lake offers a fantastic blend of city living and scenic views that Minnesota is known for. When you choose Alex’s Lawn and Turf, you can rest assured your lawn will look as beautiful.

We are a team of lawn care experts providing reliable fertilization and weed control services for homes and businesses in White Bear Lake. All of our services are designed with your needs in mind and completed using formulas that ensure stunning results. After completion, we clean up after ourselves, leaving you with a beautiful lawn that you can be proud to own.

Treating Your Lawn to Remove Weeds

If weeds are invading your lawn, getting rid of them must be your top priority. Allowing them to grow and spread will cause a variety of problems for your grass – negatively impacting the appearance of your outdoor space. 

With Alex’s Lawn and Turf, you’ll receive a weed control service carefully tailored to your particular weed problem. Our weed control service entails a four-round program that runs through early spring and late summer to eliminate weeds and prevent re-growth.

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    Fertilizing Your Lawn for A Lush, Healthy Look

    At Alex’s Lawn & Turf, we are committed to creating and maintaining the healthiest lawns possible for White Bear Lake residents. While many lawncare experts use a repeated formula, we take things to the next level with a customized four-round program that runs from early spring to late summer. We use a balance of granular and liquid fertilizer all through, depending on the condition of your lawn. They’re enriched with essential soil nutrients and applied at proper intervals for a lush, healthy year-round look.

    Get your Lawn into Tip-top Shape with Alex’s Lawn and Turf!

    Whether you’re looking to keep the weeds under control or maintain the fresh look of your current lawn space, we have you covered. Get started today by giving us a call for lawn fertilization and weed control in the White Bear Lake area.

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