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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services

If you’re looking for lawn fertilization and weed control in Woodbury, look no further than Alex’s Lawn & Turf. 

We provide top-quality lawn care services for home and commercial property owners looking to maintain a beautiful, tidy lawn all year round. Years of experience have earned us a stellar reputation as a reliable lawn care company, as well as the trust of numerous residents in Woodbury. We’re confident we can earn yours, too.

Our lawn fertilization and weed control programs run from early spring to late summer and are carefully tailored to your lawn’s needs. They are delivered by the hands and minds of our experts who use only the finest quality products to give your lawn a clean bill of health. See how we help you enjoy your lawn — while we do the work.

Lawn Fertilization

A great way to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn in Woodbury is to ensure its nutritional needs are met with fertilization treatments from Alex’s Lawn & Turf. We use granular, nutrient-based fertilizers to enhance the look of your lawn during spring while feeding it during summer to enrich its own roots and growing habits.

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    Woodbury Lawn Weed Control

    Working in tandem with fertilization service, our weed control programs are designed to protect your lawn from damaging weeds like dandelions, crabgrass, and more. To accomplish this, we apply pre-emergent treatments to proactively stop weed growth while using post-emergent treatments to eradicate weeds that have germinated. 

    Make Your Lawn Picture-Perfect with Alex's Lawn & Turf

    Having a healthy and aesthetically pleasing lawn all year round requires a lot of time and effort. Not with Alex’s Lawn & Turf! Our lawn care experts will ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs for a healthy, luscious look. Contact us to learn more about our fertilization and weed control service in the Woodbury area.

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