Local Lawn Care & Snow Removal In Blaine, MN

Trusted Lawn Care Experts

Since 1993, Alex’s Lawn & Turf has been providing the best lawn care and snow removal services to the northern St. Paul metro areas. No matter what kind of lawn care or snow removal project is in front of our team, we take pride in our excellent workmanship, and it shows. Our 98% customer retention rate is a testament to the quality of our work, and we commit to providing the Blaine community with the same high quality lawn care and snow removal services.
Our Blaine lawn care maintenance services include lawn mowing, blowing clean all remaining grass clippings, lawn fertilization and weed control, professional irrigation services, and much more. We know how important a fresh cut lawn is to the overall impression of your home or business, so we want to make sure you receive the best lawn maintenance services.

Benefits of Regular Lawn Care in Blaine

If you want your lawn to look its best, you can trust that the lawn care professionals at Alex’s Lawn & Turf will offer the finest lawn maintenance services for your property in Blaine. No matter how much time and effort it takes, our lawn technicians will keep your residential or commercial property tidy and beautiful through spring, summer and fall.

Our lawn maintenance team will provide many services that enhance the curb appeal of your property, including:

  • We’ll mow your lawn evenly and blow out any remaining grass to ensure that your lawn is always well-groomed.
  • We’ll apply fertilizer to your grass, helping it to grow back quickly in spring so that it is thick and green by summer.
  • We’ll use well-timed treatments to destroy weeds and pests before they can become a threat to your grass.
  • We’ll pick up any dead branches and leaves scattered in your lawn, including thorough clean-ups in spring and fall.
  • We’ll prune your trees and shrubs to maintain the appearance you want and prevent excess growth.

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    Snow Removal Professionals

    During the Winter months, our professional snow and ice removal services are just the solution you need to quickly and easily clear your business’ parking lot or your home driveway. We understand that snow can make a surprise appearance in Minnesota, which is why our snowplowing team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our snow plowing equipment is ready to clear any sized snowfall on your driveway or parking lot with our front-end loaders, skid loaders or pick up truck plows.

    Call Alex’s Lawn & Turf today if you’re needing a fast and reliable solution to your lawn care or snow removal needs.

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