3 Tips For A Healthy Summer Lawn In Minneapolis-St. Paul

Water Your Grass For A Healthy Summer Lawn

After waiting through the seemingly endless winter months, summer has come. Along with this season has also come incredibly hot temperatures. Though you may be loving the warmer weather and celebrating the fact that snow isn’t in the forecast, your lawn may be having other thoughts.

During the summer months, keeping your lawn green and healthy can be a difficult task by itself. Add in various summer activities, get togethers and lake days, and your lawn has soon been largely forgotten about.

Don’t let this be the case!

Having a healthy lawn can be extremely beneficial to not only the future of your lawn, but also the surrounding habitat. Taking care of your lawn and making sure it’s healthy can prevent organic compounds from breaking down in the soil, provide wildlife habitat and improve the air quality among other benefits.

To ensure your grass is properly cared for during the summer, check out these tips to keep your lawn happy and healthy even during the periods of hot temperatures.

Water Your Lawn In The Morning

    • Water Your Lawn To Make It HealthyWhile water is necessary to develop a healthy lawn, be careful not to over water it as it will create a shallow root system. A few different signs that you may be overwatering your lawn include noticing patches of dying grass, areas of soggy grass and soil, abundance of crabgrass and fungal growth.
    • The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning because the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly. Beginning this process in the morning lets the water have the time it needs to soak into the ground before the heat of the day comes. Though some people wait until the evening, this time period isn’t suggested because your lawn will be at an increased chance of developing fungi if it stays wet for a prolonged period of time.

Leave Your Grass Clippings

    • Though this tip may be a head scratcher, leaving a thin layer of grass clippings on top of your lawn will allow the soil to receive the nutrients from the cut grass. Be careful not to leave too much after mowing however. Leaving a large amount of grass clippings may cause harm by not allowing for proper air flow to reach the soil and fungi will develop.

Regularly Mow & Fertilize Your Lawn

    • Maybe one of the most obvious tips to suggest, but it’s important nonetheless. Being consistent with your lawn mowing and fertilization will benefit your lawn not only by improving its appearance, but it will also allow for grass to grow healthier. Regular lawn fertilization will prevent weed growth, promote the healthy growth of your lawn and ensure your soil remains healthy.

Though the weather may be hot and the family activities may be ramping up, it’s important to remember to take care of your lawn.

If you’re needing assistance with your lawn care, contact the trusted lawn care professionals at Alex’s Lawn & Turf today! Our team will ensure your lawn stays healthy through the summer by providing quality lawn mowing and blowing services along with fertilization and shrub trimming services.

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