Top Summer Watering Tips In MN: Ensuring A Happy & Healthy Lawn

water your lawn in the late fall time in Minnesota

Keeping Your Lawn Green This Summer

Summertime is almost here!

With temperatures continuing to rise, we’re dreaming of the consistent, hot, sunny days that Minnesota gifts us with after a long winter season. With this seasonal change happening, it’s important to remember to properly address your lawn.

As we all know, summer offers increased temperatures and intense sunlight, and it can affect your lawn in positive and negative ways – warm growing weather and intense, damaging heat. In order to best prepare you for the upcoming summer months, we’ve put together a few tips to help you efficiently water you turf. Here they are:


Top Watering Tips

1. Avoid frequent watering: Frequent watering promotes a shallower root system.

2. Water early in the day: Watering earlier in the day allows more water to reach the roots of the grass and reduces the amount of water that is evaporated.

3. Water evenly across your lawn: Watering evenly prevents flooding in some areas and missing other areas.

4. Avoid over watering: You can use a rain gauge to measure the amount of water. Try to get about 1 inch per week.

5. Monitor rainfall: If you know there will be rain later that day, avoid watering.


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This simple tips will help you maintain a beautiful lawn. Remember to try your best to conserve water! If you are watering and water is getting on your driveway or street, try to fix this problem because that is just wasted water. We look forward to seeing you out in your yard this summer!

If you have any questions regarding watering your lawn or if you’d like professional lawn care services completed, contact our team of expert lawn care professionals. We would be happy to help you keep your grass green and healthy.

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