What Is Lawn Aeration? The Basics Of Aerating Your Twin Cities Lawn

aerating your lawn in fall time in minnesota

Here at Alex’s Lawn & Turf, we service many homes around the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area and help create the best lawns possible. As we continue to provide outstanding service and deliver incredible results we often get many questions about what we’re doing and why. One of those questions includes “aerating.” This is the odd-looking service that makes your yard look like it has a lot of holes in it.

So, what is it exactly and how will it benefit your lawn?

Benefits Of Aerating Your Lawn

Simply put, your lawn is much like you and me in that it needs to breathe and eat. While these actions may be some of the only things we have in common, they’re pretty important. In order to have your grass breathe and eat more efficiently, we perform a lawn aeration service. This process helps your lawn breathe better by providing more airflow to the soil and it also helps the grass eat and grow strong by being fed with fertilizer

To put it simply once more, aeration makes sure your lawn grows healthy when the springtime comes. A few more benefits of this service include:

1. Air can get to the soil and the roots of your grass helping it breathe

2. Fertilizer and nutrients are helped reach the root system

3. Improves water intake and helps water reach the root system

4. Helps to break up thatch

5. Reduces water run off

6. Helps strengthen and improve root system

7. Improves the durability of your lawn

Perform Lawn Aeration This Year

As you can see, there are many benefits of aerating your lawn in the autumn season. This is a great time of year to do aeration on your lawn because it will allow your lawn to absorb the fertilizer and strengthen it before the cold winter months. 

If you’re located in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area and you’re needing this incredibly effective lawn treatment, call Alex’s Lawn & Turf today! Our lawn maintenance experts would be glad to help your lawn look its best once springtime comes around.

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