Best Time To Trim Trees & Shrubs In Minnesota

when to trim your trees and shrubs

As we’re currently enduring through the thick of winter, yard work and tree care are a few things that cross almost no one’s minds. However, this may just be the best time to address your tree and shrub trimming needs! 

One reason why winter tree trimming is a good idea is because of the lack of threats to trees. If some trees are trimmed during the warm spring and summer months, this could increase the chances of those trees contracting diseases.


Common Tree Diseases

One of the more prominent tree diseases in our area is Oak Wilt. This tree disease is a fungal disease that spreads through root grafts and by beetles that carry the spores. One of the best means of disease prevention is to perform trimming tasks during the “Low-Risk” season, which is typically November through March. If trimming tasks are completed during the “High-Risk” months of April, May or June, the tree will be more susceptible to diseases because insect activity is higher and they’re able to burrow underneath the bark or drop off harmful spores on to the open tree wound.

Other tree & shrub diseases include:

  • Pine needle rust
  • Apple scab
  • Rhizosphaera needle cast
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Brown spot needle blight
  • & many others


When To Trim Your Trees & Shrubs

Late winter and early spring are great times to prune most plants in general. Pruning trees or shrubs just before entering winter will end up leaving an open wound throughout the winter which can lead to desiccation damage and winter kill (usually tip die-back). 

The great thing about performing pruning tasks during late winter/early spring is that the plants will soon be emerging from dormancy and will recover quickly as they begin their early spring growth. Also, it’s generally still too cold for most pests and diseases to be a problem yet.


High Quality Tree & Shrub Trimming Services

If you’re looking for a trusted tree and shrub pruning service in the greater Twin Cities, MN area, contact the professionals at Alex’s Lawn & Turf today! Our expert pruning specialists will make sure each of your plants is properly cared for and set up for success this upcoming spring.

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