Spring Weed Control In Minnesota: Tips & Tricks

getting rid of weeds during springtime in MN

As another winter season winds down, the time has come to think about your lawn once again. Whether the spring months are rainy, warm, cold or any mix of the three, it’s very common for your lawn to experience weed growth during this time.

With the increasing temperatures comes and increased amount of color in an otherwise bleak and brown landscape. Unfortunately, along with the green grass, various kinds of weeds begin sprouting during this time as well. 


How To Prevent Weeds In Your Lawn

The best way to prevent weeds from disrupting your lawn this spring is to complete a little bit of preventative maintenance. During the beginning of the spring months is generally the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicides. This time is best because the soil is the perfect temperature to allow the herbicides to work while the weeds have not yet germinated. Because pre-emergent herbicides act to disrupt weed seed germination, they are most effective at controlling annual weeds (such as crabgrass).


When To Treat Your Lawn

In the Twin Cities region, anytime between May 5th and May 20th will be an ideal time to apply pre-emergent weed controls. This is also a great time to apply a spring fertilizer on your lawn in order to replenish the nutrients your lawn needs. This will cause your lawn to begin the spring and summer months with healthy growth that will be more competitive against weeds.


Trusted Lawn Maintenance Services

Here at Alex’s Lawn and Turf, our team offers several fertilization and weed control plans designed to keep your lawn green, healthy, and happy. If you’re located in the greater Twin Cities, MN area and would be interested in learning more about how your law can be more healthy and lush this year, contact our team of lawn care professionals today!

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